Top Tips for Selling Your House Fast – winter edition.

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Top Tips for Selling Your House Fast – winter edition.

If your house has been on the market for a while or if you are concerned about going on the market during winter months here is our advice for getting your house sale moving.

  1. Tackle DIY. Everyone has some minor, nagging defects in their home which they are putting off fixing. While you might write them off as a minor nuisance, to a potential buyer they could be quite off putting and cause them to be concerned about what else is wrong with the house.  Small defects can give the impression that a house has not been maintained and will costs money to put right.
  2. Smells good! It might be tempting to make your home seem more attractive by spraying scents but these can be overpowering. Opt instead for subtle scents or use natural smells by baking bread or cookies, vanilla is a very pleasant smell.  If you light a candle, make sure you blow it out before potential buyers arrive. Natural smells are the most attractive, synthetic room sprays can also trigger allergic reactions so avoid using these. Likewise don’t be cooking a casserole or have had a fry up in the morning if you know there are viewings that day. Grease and strong meat smells can be offensive.
  3. Winter warmth. One of the best things about winter is walking in from the cold to be enveloped by warmth. Warm lighting, knitted throws on the sofa and lighting the fire can create the perfect, cosy atmosphere.
  4. Let there be light! Natural light is scarce in winter. Open blinds & curtains, use lamps to brighten darker spaces. And avoid viewings after sunset. Good lighting will create positive feelings toward the house.
  5. Tidy the garden. Gardens can get neglected during winter. Buyers are hugely influenced by outdoor space. Tidying the garden will boost the appeal of your property and enable buyers to see its potential. Make sure paths are swept, especially the front path to the door and any debris from treefall is tidied up. Put away garden tools and toys, if it’s a dry day show off your patio furniture highlighting its potential for socialising. 
  6. Man’s best friend (aka Pets). As cute as they may, some people are put off by pets. If possible keep your pets elsewhere during viewings and also vacuum any stray fur or feathers to ensure there’s no risk of triggering a viewer’s allergy.

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