Check Your Contents Insurance Covers Christmas Valuables

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Check Your Contents Insurance Covers Christmas Valuables

Imagine the scene…Your Christmas tree is looking resplendent; lights blink and tinsel glistens. The presents have been lovingly positioned under the pine branches look tempting. And they happen to be in full view of passersby. Including those looking for opportunities to break in and undo all of Santa’s hard work (not to mention hard-earned cash).

Perhaps now’s the time to look at updating your contents insurance for the festive season. If you’re buying expensive presents that’ll be in your home until you give them to the lucky recipients, or you’re expecting to receive a gift of value, check what’s covered by your policy.

Some insurers will automatically increase the value of your premium for a temporary period by around 10%. If there’s a ‘special event’ clause in the paperwork, you should be covered at no extra cost. With other insurers you’ll need to get in touch to extend the policy so the premium covers the extra value of goods at home.

Even if you think your property is burglar-proof, you need to take into account other risks such as accidental breakages, burst pipes in freezing weather, and other nasty things we’d rather not think about as we tuck into the first mince pies of the season.

And whatever you do, never leave presents in your car, keep receipts somewhere secure (and not with the presents), and break down boxes and hide them among the recycling to prevent giving possible burglars clues as to what’s in your home.

Make sure Christmas Day TV is the only bad thing this festive season – take steps now to prevent other disasters! Start by giving us a call.

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