Buy-To-Let in Retirement?

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Buy-To-Let in Retirement?

It has been a few months since we were made aware of the pension changes, and from April 2015, pensioners will have greater access to their retirement savings.

Many retirees are looking at potential investment options to maximise their income. (And, if they are not – now is a good time to start investigating, April isn’t very far away.)

Buy to let properties come up a lot when people look to investments, and mortgage options are opening up all the time for older buyers and investors.

It is still a complex area, however, and lenders have different requirements for age, income, and credit rating – to name three. As an example, Aldermore has quite a high maximum age you can be at the end of the mortgage term – 85.

Like with any investment, however, it is more than just a balance between price (interest rates, fees, etc) and return (rental income). Risk plays its part, and with pensions, it’s very important indeed.

If you are looking for buy to let options, and you are nearing retirement, or already receiving your pension, let’s look at the whole market together.

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