Be Prepared to Make 2013 a Happy New Year

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Be Prepared to Make 2013 a Happy New Year

2012 has ended. And what a year it was.

Last year many of my clients purchased a new home whilst others considered the future and decided to stay put – with a view to securing long term mortgage products in order to ride the inevitable wave that will fall on many financial institutions over the next year or so.

One constant in these turbulent times is that we are all getting older. With the onset of what, I suppose, is considered middle age, I also feel like I have become wiser. I understand that if we have managed and protected the parts of our lives that are valued and loved then it makes these bumpy times easier to ride.

Protecting our businesses and families has never been more important than it is today. We own and have accrued more wealth than any generation before us. I have never valued protecting my family more than I do now. As such I feel confident that should the worse ever happen to me then my family will be able to hold on to this accrued wealth and be financially secure.

For advice on all sorts of mortgages, life cover, income protection and insurance, speak to Limetree in 2013. There may be uncertain times ahead but that doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared.

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