Banks’ Interest-Only Fear Drives Up Deposits

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Banks’ Interest-Only Fear Drives Up Deposits

The new boss of Barclays is worried that interest-only mortgages could end up costing the bank billions of pounds and lead to significant customer complaints.

Antony Jenkins said, ‘We spend a lot of time trying to look over the horizon to what might be complaints in the future – such as interest-only mortgages’. Jenkins disclosed that the bank was beginning to see the ‘first few thousand’ borrowers on their interest-only books struggling to pay back the capital.

Woolwich, an offshoot of Barclays, will not lend interest-only to any homeowner who does not have at least £150,000 of equity.

It clearly is a view echoed by both large and small lenders. It is now virtually impossible to get an interest-only mortgage at a loan-to-value above 75%. That means a deposit of at least 25% is required.

Some lenders have even capped this at 50% – and with such stringent criteria to qualify that it is virtually impossible to elect for this method.

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