Enter the Dragon

Limetree Financial Services Limited

Enter the Dragon

This month sees the Chinese new year arrive: the year of the dragon. What can we expect? What will the year bring?

Is it all about the London Olympics and Wimbledon in the summer for the feel-good factor?

Or about continued low interest rates? Will the Eurozone stabilise? Will there be a double dip global recession?

Who really knows? At Limetree, whatever the market brings to us in 2012, we are ready, willing and able to achieve the high standards of advice and service we offered last year!

If you are a first-time buyer or mover, or are looking to remortgage, we aim to help as much as we can. Why not start the year by giving us a call?

Alex Pangratiou worked for Limetree Financial Services until April 2012. Feel free to contact another member of our team for help or advice.

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