Electoral Roll Essential for Mortgage Applications

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Electoral Roll Essential for Mortgage Applications

Did you know that you need to be listed on the electoral roll to give yourself the best chance of getting a mortgage?

Being on the voters roll is essential for getting credit because it affects your credit worthiness. This is not just true for mortgages – but other loans and credit card applications too, even mobile phone contracts. To prevent fraud, credit reference agencies use the roll to check your identity, passing the confirmation on to lenders.

If you are not listed, it will appear to the credit agency that you don’t exist, putting a spanner in the works. If they treat your record as a blank slate, with no credit history, then any positive credit record that you’ve built up will be ignored.

Myths about the electoral roll

I’m surprised how many people seem to have no idea if they are on the electoral roll or not, and don’t bother to register when they move from rented property to another.

Many assume that if they are registered to pay Council Tax they must be on the voters roll. This is not the case.

Or they think that they are automatically registered. Perhaps they were added to the roll when they lived in a previous property. Again, this is false. You must register with your local authority each time that you move – and then Council will ask you to re-register at regular intervals to make sure that their records are up to date.

Register today

The good news is that it is easy to get on the electoral roll – contact your local authority to register, or visit the website About My Vote and download the form there.

It’s a small consideration that gets overlooked, but when you want to get a new mortgage, it is vital that you’ve done it. Contact Limetree for further mortgage advice.

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