Sun Still Shining on Cambridge Property Market

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Sun Still Shining on Cambridge Property Market

I’ve said it before – we are lucky to be living in Cambridge. The unusual hot spell recently might not technically have been an Indian summer – but it was certainly welcome. And the sun has been shining on South Cambridgeshire in more ways than one.

House prices are buoyant, properties are selling, there is a great selection of homes available for buyers and mortgage business is booming.

I was reminded of our fortune again earlier, when I read about the stagnating housing market up in Scotland. The tiny increase in the average house price there in August actually represents a drop of 1.7% compared to the same month last year. That is after several months of prices north of the border dropping or staying flat. Now some experts are predicting a bigger depression to come.

If people aren’t buying then they aren’t taking out mortgages, so mortgage lending in Scotland is low at the moment.

In contrast, here at Limetree we are on course for a record month. It is a joy to be helping so many of you to secure the properties that you really want.

Even more so because we know that it certainly isn’t the case everywhere.

We don’t know how long the market will continue to thrive in the Cambridge area but we are making the most of it while it does. We suggest you do the same – if you’re thinking about getting onto the property ladder, moving or remortgaging, perhaps buying to let or looking at commercial properties – come and get some expert advice on what finance is available to you.

We know we’re lucky. And we’re happy to help.

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