8,968 New Mortgages in 3 Months

Limetree Financial Services Limited

8,968 New Mortgages in 3 Months

Apparently nearly 9,000 mortgages were either brought new to the market or updated between April and June this year.

Lenders are in healthy competition with each other and the banking sector is seeing rapid change. Even so, that is a colossal amount of new products to choose from if you are looking for a mortgage.

The sheer number of new mortgages on offer can be taken as a sign of confidence that house prices have stabilised. Both this and the renewed hunger of banks to lend is encouraging news for anyone looking to their next move in the property market.

But how to find the best mortgage deal among so many?

That’s what we do at Limetree – scan the whole market to find the right mortgage for you, no matter how big the market gets. As house prices are settling down and lenders beginning to make less cautious offers, it is a great time to talk to us about your property possibilities.

Let us know if you would like some helpful advice about getting a mortgage.

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