Need for Speed: Exclusive Mortgages 2 Days Only

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Need for Speed: Exclusive Mortgages 2 Days Only

I hope you’ve got your running shoes on.

It’s common for a lender to offer a mortgage deal for a limited time only. But the latest offers from Abbey are limited in the extreme. They were launched on the 1 July 2011 and you only have until midnight on 7 July to apply.

So what is Abbey offering? The two that stand out are:

  • Two-year fixed rate mortgage at 2.89%, available up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV). This carries a £995 fee and a maximum lending limit of £1m.
  • Two-year tracker mortgage at 1.99%, available up to 70% LTV. Again, £995 fee and £1m maximum loan.

These deals, like so many, are only available through brokers. So give Limetree a call right away if you are interested – and we mean right away. There is not time to lose.

A return to better lending?

The 7-day deals from Abbey are attention grabbers, although they have reduced the rates on many of their other products too. But even if they are just touting for headlines, or only wanting to test the deals out on a small number of customers, the low rates are still good news for lenders and the market overall.

Any rate below 2% is a return to the sort of aggressive lending that the market is crying out for. The 1.99% tracker is especially good given that it is possible that rates will not increase a lot more, making tracker rates more attractive than fixed ones.

Contact us to find the best rates for you – and don’t delay. With these exclusive Abbey deals it is literally now or never.

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