Special Mortgage Deals for Teachers and Other Professionals

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Special Mortgage Deals for Teachers and Other Professionals

Teachers – how would you like some good news?

Teachers Building Society tailor their mortgages specifically to the needs of educational professionals. If you are working in the education sector, and you are looking for a mortgage or remortgage, it would be well worth finding out what the society has to offer.

Up till now Teachers were only lending directly to consumers, but as of this month they have made their products available to mortgage brokers, and for exactly the same prices. They have realised that people actually appreciate sitting down with an intermediary who knows the market and can give expert advice.

James Bawa, chief executive of Teachers, said, ‘A lot of teachers value the face-to-face approach of intermediaries, so by lending via brokers we do not lose out on business.’

We certainly find that to be the case – and not just for teachers. Homebuyers from every profession benefit from talking to an impartial expert who has the whole sweep of mortgage information at his or her fingers. We can get straight to the best deals for you.

And whilst Teachers Building Society only lend to educational professionals for now, there are other products out there that cater specifically for other professions, for example police, dentists, accountants, doctors and vets.

There might well be a mortgage deal suited to your profession. Let us know what you do and we’ll have a look.

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