BBC Call On Limetree’s Expertise on CCJs

Limetree Financial Services Limited

BBC Call On Limetree’s Expertise on CCJs

This week the BBC asked Limetree Financial Services to appear on the radio as financial experts, to talk about the problem of getting a mortgage when you have a County Court Judgement (CCJ) on your credit record.

CCJs are in the news at the moment because, of the million or so that were issued last year, hundreds of thousands remain unpaid. The BBC News website currently features a video report on the issue. In it, retired senior judge Paul Collins describes the CCJ system as ‘on the ancient and creaky side’.

Our recording on the subject went out on Cambridgeshire Breakfast with Jeremy Sallis this morning just after 7.40am, and has been repeated throughout the day. You can listen to the clip of me explaining why resolving the CCJ problem can take so long, or hear the whole two-minute report. (These links will no longer work when the programme expires on iPlayer on 4 February I’m afraid).

It was satisfying to be called on as a financial expert by the BBC, especially as the problem of CCJs is something that I wrote about on this site back in March last year.

The system does need to change. When it comes to getting a mortgage in the current risk-averse climate when you have a County Court Judgement on your record, read my original post to find out what to do.

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