Tricks of the Trade 3 – Get Professional Advisors to Check the Meerkat

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Tricks of the Trade 3 – Get Professional Advisors to Check the Meerkat

I was recently asked to meet a client in our Histon office. The clients had offered on a property, but unfortunately so had another two purchasers and they ended up losing out on the property. Obviously disappointed they decided to cancel my appointment but upon speaking to them I stressed the benefits of being fore-armed when going into competitive bidding situations and the meeting duly went ahead.

The clients were quite well prepared and had clearly done a lot of homework so they arrived with a handful of quotes and a brief for me to double check their research and to point them in the right direction. However, better than that I was able to source a much better deal suited to their personal circumstances from a small Building Society that did not appear on the comparison websites that my clients had checked.

The mortgage package that we beat was £1076 per month over 30 years. We were able to reduce the term to 25 years and reduce the cost to £918 per month. We were also able to reduce the cost of their Buildings and Contents Insurance by £14.86 per month, and their life protection was also reduced by £19.23 per month. In total a saving of just under £200 per month but more importantly the term of our selected deal was 5 years shorter, saving thousands in the longer-term.

A significant saving but more importantly it gave them the confidence to be more bullish when they found another property and I am pleased to confirm that they are now looking forward to moving into their new home. Simples.

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