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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

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Mortgage Repayment calculator

Mortgages are some of the biggest commitments you’ll make in your life. And it can be hard to work out what they’ll cost you. 

New mortgages & interest only mortgages 

Our calculator will give you a rough ballpark figure to show you the monthly payments you’d pay on:

  • new mortgages
  • interest only mortgages

You can also adjust the mortgage term, interest rate and deposit to get an idea of how those affect your monthly payments.

To get started all you need is the price of your property, or the amount left on your mortgage.

Mortgage repayment calculator

You can use this calculator to understand what impact a change in rate may have on your mortgage repayment. Please enter your mortgage information using the details provided in our recent correspondence to you.

The calculator interest rate is for illustration only and can be altered as necessary

Monthly Repayment
Interest Only
Further information:
The payments calculated are for illustration purposes only.
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