Wouldn’t it be good if we could see into the future? We would be ready for every eventuality, but life is not like that so we have to plan in advance. What would happen if you died? How would your family cope? Would they be able to pay the mortgage and bills without your support? Life cover could help remove the strain.

Life insurance offers financial security and peace of mind to the policy owner and their family in the case of unexpected death, enabling family members to continue with the same standard of living during the most difficult time of their lives.

The Limetree team based in Cambridge have over 75 years’ experience in providing the best life insurance policies available on the market. As independent advisors we have no allegiance to any particular underwriter or broker, we only offer impartial advice. We are solely committed to getting you, the client the right policy at the right price. We will ensure the policy will protect your assets and the financial stability of your loved ones.

You might find the search for the right life insurance policy a bit of a minefield. There are so many providers out there, it’s hard to know which one will be right for you and will they have your best interests at heart? You need to know you are getting the perfect cover for your family and that the monthly repayment that will be paid as long as the life insurance is active and not claimed, is at a rate you can afford.

You can also tailor your policy specifically to pay off your mortgage so that if you die before the end of the term, your policy will pay out a lump sum that will also clear your mortgage offering extra protection for your family and giving you peace of mind.

Our friendly team in Cambridge are here to help. They can help you understand the options open to you and will speak in a language you understand ensuring you are in the position to make the best decision for you and your family. Call them for some impartial advice today.

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Watch the Insurance Market as They Explore New Technology

With all the excitement around growth and changes in the mortgage market, perhaps the the protection market has slipped under the radar. In a lot of ways, the two markets go hand in hand and changes to the way people buy property certainly affect the way insurance is bought and sold.

That is not to say that they are simply two sides of the same coin, though. While the lenders are improving their product ranges, insurers are at the point of completely rethinking the way they offer protection thanks to evolving technology.

One particular change we expect is that policies will be increasingly tailored to the individuals who take them out. An article from Money Marketing focuses on wearable technology and health, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The insurance industry has a lot to work with, and to work through. Trials of new technology will fuel important discussions on ethics and practicalities. So, watch this space!