Remortgage Advice

Remortgaging Gio Mandato and Julian Nicolls talk all about remortgaging. What is remortgaging? Put very simply, remortgaging is where you apply for a new mortgage, either with your current lender, circumstances permitting, or with a different lender. Generally speaking, those are the two options: stay with the same lender or go with a different one. […]

Buy to Let First Time Landlords

First Time Buy to Let Landlords Should I Become a Landlord? There are many benefits that come from property rental, however, whether or not you choose to become a landlord will depend on your own personal circumstances. Of course, as with any opportunity, it’s a good idea to balance the benefits with potential risks, which […]

First Time Buyer Mortgages

First Time Buyers All about First Time Buyers with Jon Porter and Julian Nicholls. How is the mortgage process different for First Time Buyers? There is no main difference really, although there are some specialist products for First Time Buyers that may have additional benefits. The type of conversation you have with a broker will […]