Mortgage offer issued in 24 hours!

Limetree Financial Services Limited

Mortgage offer issued in 24 hours!

In a market known for intense underwriting and rigorous checks on a client’s affordability it has been proven that we can get clients a mortgage offer in a matter of hours, and we are talking about on a property purchase!

This month, from our Cambridge based office, we have seen a mortgage offer issued by a high street lender in just 24 hours for a first time buyer.

Further to that we had a second mortgage offer in less than 48 hours!

Both achievements are testament to not just correctly advising our clients but ensuring we take the time to package a case correctly and then efficiently getting this over to a lender  – it is all about getting it “right first time”.

A typical mortgage offer would be expected to take a couple of weeks from the date we submit this to a lender whilst we await both an underwriter’s time to assess the documents and then a surveyor to carry out the mortgage valuation report.

To get 2 offers in the space of 48 hours is testament to a combination of a few factors:

  • Submission of the application efficiently through knowing and understanding our client.
  • Utilising a lender’s resources and having a strong communication pathway between lender and broker.

It doesn’t stop there, as we have a strong back-office administration team further client support is offered by way of regular lender, solicitor and protection provider updates to follow the transaction through to completion.

If you are a first time buyer, looking to mortgage or  remortgage then don’t hesitate to drop us a line to book a no obligation consultation.

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