Why We Provide Buyers’ Protection as Part of Our Service

Limetree Financial Services Limited

Why We Provide Buyers’ Protection as Part of Our Service

We supply each of our clients with a buyers’ protection package. It’s included in our normal fees, because we think it’s a fantastic idea. Here’s why:

The most common concern our clients share with us is their worry about sales falling through. Specifically, what happens if a sale doesn’t happen, and they’ve already paid some of the initial fees?

Well, most of these payments actually cover work done by solicitors, surveyors etc. This means that many of the fees have paid for time spent, and can’t be recovered. This can be confusing because the costs are part of the buying process, but don’t cover the property itself.

To help ease this worry, we use a buyers’ protection scheme as part of our service. This lets us recover up to £600 of our clients’ fees if a sale falls through. It reduces the risk of lost money, and takes away some of the stress of the buying process.

It is our job to tackle difficulties for our clients, and providing this cover is just one of the ways we make buying a property as easy as possible. If you’d like to learn more about how we iron out the creases in the process, give us a ring.

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