High LTV Product Range Trebles

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High LTV Product Range Trebles

We say it all the time: more choice of mortgage products is good news for the market.  This year, we’ve seen more competition leading to better selections, and wider ranges of mortgages. This has been particularly strong in the high LTV (Loan to Value) products. Well, Mortgage Strategy has just put some interesting numbers behind this.

Back in October, there were just 43 products for people with 5% deposits.


132. Yes, the range has trebled.

Mortgage Strategy highlights the Help to Buy scheme, but we think it’s just a part. More lenders are offering high 95% mortgages both within the scheme and on their own – each competing for this sector of the market.

And this competition means that rates are also being slimmed down gradually.

Simon Crone, the Genworth VP for commercial mortgage insurance in Europe sums it up nicely:

“The combination of commercial appetite, government support and private insurance take-up has transformed the outlook for first time buyers and reignited competition for low deposit mortgages.”

High LTV products aren’t in isolation, either, and we’re seeing stronger competition in several mortgage categories. Now is a very good time to look into your options, whether you want to buy your first home or invest in property. It’s what we do, so give us a ring.

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