Expat Mortgages

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Expat Mortgages

As property prices and rental yields have increased year on year, we’ve noticed a growing number of investors focusing on Cambridge.

We have noticed that the Cambridge area is attracting more interest from expats – they are clients who are UK nationals, but live abroad with cash to invest in the right area.

Historically, very few lenders were willing to get into this market. However, times have changed and more options are becoming available.

Some expats or UK nationals are looking to purchase a property for their child during university. It can often be a good option to purchase instead of renting, depending on circumstances.

Others are exploring the market for BTL (Buy to Let) properties as investment opportunities, while the yields are growing and more lending options are opening up.

These can be excellent opportunities for investment, but it is important to get the details right, so give us a call or pass on our details to someone you know looking into property from abroad.

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