Clydesdale’s Interest-Only Broker-Only Mortgage

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Clydesdale’s Interest-Only Broker-Only Mortgage

Last week Brian Gibson gave first-time buyers some good news with Woolwich’s new guarantor-style 5% deposit mortgage. This week it’s the turn of interest-only products to make a comeback.

Of sorts. Clydesdale bank has just launched a new interest-only mortgage that reverts to repayment terms after three years. In other words, you get a short time to get the mortgage on an interest-only basis (at a fixed rate). After that you’ll be switched to standard variable rate repayments, currently at 4.95%.

It is good to see some lenders offering innovation around this area. Virtually all lenders have pulled out of the interest-only market (or placed such difficult conditions that is almost impossible for the criteria to be met). But there is still a need for some clients to have this option.

The rates range from 3.09% at 60% loan-to-value to 4.49% for 80% LTV. The fee is £999, rising to £1,499 for loans over half a million but not more than £1m.

Crucially, the Clydesdale mortgage will not be available via their branches – only by brokers. So contact Limetree if you are interested. We’ll help you to find out if it would work for your situation.

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