Welcome Brian Gibson

Limetree Financial Services Limited

Welcome Brian Gibson

Welcome Brian Gibson
Brian was previously an underwriter with a large UK Insurance and Investment company

The Limetree office has been unbelievably busy this spring. We have needed more hands on deck. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce Brian Gibson to you – the latest addition to the Limetree team.

Brian has a reputation for giving clear and thorough financial advice – exactly what we are about at Limetree. He has a background in business strategy and financial development, advising clients in the north of England on capital raising, protection and business development.

Now that he has moved from Sheffield to the warmer climes of Cambridge, we are looking forward to incorporating his experience and the tremendous personal service he offers into Limetree.

It is a joy to welcome someone of Brian’s calibre to the team. You will be hearing from him on the blog. And to tap into that clear and thorough advice – you can contact Brian directly for help in financial matters.

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