England’s No 1 Place to Buy-to-Let

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England’s No 1 Place to Buy-to-Let

If you could invest in rental property anywhere in the country, where would you choose?

London, for the high demand and premium prices? Somewhere in the South East, where buy-to-let activity has always been high?

Well, both of those would be good choices, but neither compare to the leading location, in terms of return on investment.

According to haart, the best place to invest is Peterborough. Haart’s monthly Yield Index reveals that yearly returns on one to three-bedroom properties in Peterborough are the highest in the country. The yield can be as large as 9% per annum, for a two-bedroom apartment.

It’s no surprise then, that the East of England as a whole, including Cambridge, currently offers the best rental yields out of any area in the country, followed by the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. A bit more surprising that London comes fourth, although that’s still high on the list.

It’s not just the recent stats from haart that commend Peterborough to prospective landlords. I can speak from personal experience. I spent five years living in the town, and own two buy-to-let properties there. Want to know how I have found it?

Both my properties have been serviced well. I have never had a void period longer than two weeks, and both rental income and capital value have increased over that period. Also, with the price being a lot lighter, I got a bigger property for my money than I would have in a lot of other places.

So it’s thumbs up from me for Peterborough as a place to buy-to-let. If you want any help getting started as a Landlord – in the East of England or anywhere – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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