Where Next for Standard Variable Rates?

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Where Next for Standard Variable Rates?

Where will standard variable rates move next? Up? Down? It is impossible to tell.

It was good news for customers on Norwich and Peterborough’s standard variable rate recently. The rate dropped 0.5% to 4.95%, the same standard variable rate as Norwich and Peterborough’s new owner Yorkshire Building Society.

On the other hand, it was bad news for Bank of Scotland and the The Mortgage Business customers. These lenders, both part of the Lloyds banking group, increased their standard variable rates by 0.11% to 4.95%.

Standard variable rates (SVR) differ considerably from lender to lender. They are usually set by the board of directors and can be varied at any time. We find that many of our clients have remained on the standard variable rate as there are usually no redemption penalties, leaving them flexible to have options.

But is it time to change?

Many fixed rate and standard rates are now below standard variable rates. Some lenders are offering no redemption penalties, as well as free valuation and legal services. If the difference between the rates is enough, it might not take long to save money, even taking the arrangement fee into account.

Contact us to see if it is worth changing. And from all of us at Limetree – hope you’re having a happy Christmas!

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