Insurance Comparison Websites Still Fixated on Price

Limetree Financial Services Limited

Insurance Comparison Websites Still Fixated on Price

Three years ago now the Financial Services Authority (FSA) called upon insurance comparison websites to provide us with clear, fair information that is not misleading.

One of the things the FSA’s review of comparison sites looked at was ‘whether consumers were encouraged to consider features, other than price, before purchasing products’.

If the adverts for these websites on TV are to be believed, the size of the saving is still all that is important. But when it comes to buildings and contents insurance, price is not the only thing, especially when insuring your most expensive asset. Having the right cover for your property is essential.

For this reason at Limetree we discuss the various options available for buildings insurance and tailor the cover to your individual requirements.

As insurance brokers we offer an independent service designed to find the right cover for the correct price with the most suitable repayment option for you of annually or monthly.

Don’t be fooled by low prices – talk to people who know what matters in an insurance policy, and who can find the right one for you.

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