New TV Show for First-Time Buyers – Apply Now!

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New TV Show for First-Time Buyers – Apply Now!

These are not easy times for buying your first home, with high property prices and reluctant mortgage lenders. A new television programme aims to help first-time buyers to get onto the property ladder – and Limetree customers and blog readers have been invited to apply.

Limetree have been contacted by Rockabox Media, asking if any of you first-time purchasers would like some help finding your first property.

Their brand new prime time show is a 15-part series that goes out on the Home Channel. In each episode, presenter Gaby Roslin will show one set of first-time buyers the best properties available that match their criteria, budget and location.

For those that take part, lots of the legwork in finding properties will be done for you, alleviating the hassle of house hunting. Plus, you will be given advice and help along the way.

And best of all – you get to appear on TV!

This is the original invitation from Rockabox:

Are you a first time buyer desperate to make the big move? A property novice in need of help? Then let us take the hassle out of house hunting.

Are you a genuine first time buyer with finances already in place or agreed in principle?

You could be a couple, or going it alone. Maybe you’ve pooled your money with mates to get a mortgage or you’ve tapped the bank of Mum and Dad? Whatever your story we want to hear from. From urban apartments, to country cottages, barn conversion to houseboats, we can help you find your dream first home.

To apply, email Rockabox Media:

To be eligible for the show you must be a first-time buyer with finance already agreed. That’s where Limetree come in. Talk to us today about how much you will be able to borrow. We’ll do everything we can to help you secure a loan that might just win you a TV appearance – and better still, your very first home.

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