New Year’s Resolutions – Be Prepared with Paperwork

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New Year’s Resolutions – Be Prepared with Paperwork

If you are looking to move or if you will be a First Time Buyer in 2011, here are a few pointers for you to all take into account.  Bank statements, if you get on-line statements remember that you are likely to need up to 3 months paper copies of original statements, some lenders will consider on-line statements; however this can cause great stress for other lenders.

The same applies with utility bills, keep these as these will be needed as evidence of address.  Another way to cover this off is via the Voters Roll.  All lenders will want to see an address history via the votes roll, so make sure you are on this, even if you never want to vote.

Finally set up that Direct Debit for those credit cards.  Do Not get caught out with a late payment on your credit file, something as simple as a missed payments is likely to mean you are not able to secure a mortgage especially if you are looking at higher loan to values, were lenders are extremely cautious.

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