Weekly Mortgage Market Update – 17 May 2010

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Weekly Mortgage Market Update – 17 May 2010

The Mortgage Works have launched two new Buy-to-Let products for existing investors up to 80% loan to value, this is an improvement on the deals available as recently the maximum lenders would consider was 70% of a property value.  Good news for investors who are looking for a review of their existing buy-to-let deals or who wish to draw additional funds out of a property.

This deal will also assist clients looking to get expand their portfolio of properties and who do not want to put in a large deposit.  Please note, however, that “First Time” landlords are limited to a maximum borrowing of 70% of the property value.

The Lloyds TSB Group have announced that they have reviewed their offering of Interest Only mortgages for deals above £500,000.  They have declared that clients are no longer able to use inheritance, sale of main residence or sale of a business as sufficient to cover the debt.  The lender has declared that the client needs to have a suitable repayment vehicle in place.  This does make these mortgages harder to place and affordability does become a bigger factor.

Cheltenham & Gloucester has launched a two-year tracker for first-time buyers, which tracks at 0.01% below the Bank of England base rate.   The Low-Start tracker, currently 0.49%, is available for loans between £25,000 and £750,000 and at between 85% and 90% LTV.  But the tracking rate of 0.01% below base rate only lasts until December 31 2010, at which point the rate jumps to base rate plus 5.49% until July 31 2012.  So a potential help for first time buyers getting started but they must budget for the early bump up in cost.

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