Full Disclosure Gives Peace of Mind for Life Insurance

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Full Disclosure Gives Peace of Mind for Life Insurance

A common concern when talking about various life insurance scenarios is whether the insurance company will pay out on the claim.  The answer is pretty straight forward for life assurance, but confusion can arise with so many different types of other insurance available and an array of different qualifying criteria.

However, recent research published by Moneyfacts looking at Critical Illness cover reveals that such concerns may be increasingly unfounded.  In their findings they state that the total number of claims that did not get paid due to non-disclosure (this is when someone fails to disclose a material fact, such as, a previous illness or a underlying medical condition)  has dropped to less than 2%, and the average payout has increased to 90.5% of all monetary claims made.  This has increased significantly from 2008 when the figure was closer to 75%.

In summary, life insurance companies are paying out more claims, but when you fill in any application the best advice is for full disclosure, noting any previous medical issues  no matter how small they were.  Only then will you have 100% peace of mind.

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