When is the Right Time to See a Mortgage Broker?

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When is the Right Time to See a Mortgage Broker?

I often get asked ‘when is the right time to come and see you?’ Closely followed by ‘Should I wait until we have an offer on my property?’ or ‘Do I need to find a house first?’  My response is the same to everybody – no two cases are the same so the sooner we get together, to discuss your unique circumstances, the better.  You will receive specific advice and can then plan accordingly.

If you are a straight forward case with a great deposit, a great credit score and earning a good salary most lenders will be wanting to lend you funds so the choice will be larger meaning more information to digest. If you have a poor credit rating and small deposit your options may be reduced and the mortgage may be harder to place requiring more work on our part to obtain a mortgage offer.

If you are also selling a property we will be able to work out different options with regards to you getting the asking price, perhaps what getting £10,000 less on your sales price would mean, or even if you received £10,000 more. If you are a first time buyer we can advise you of what is ahead of you, explain the fees, talk you through some common terminology and even give you some home buyng tips.

In essence mortgages are what we do day-in, day-out and we pride ourselves on a straight talking, common sense approach. We are on the end of the phone or email and will gladly hold your hand through the whole process, offering guidance and expertise whatever element of the house buying process you are about to embark on.

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