So why do I need a Mortgage Broker?

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So why do I need a Mortgage Broker?

An “independent” broker should have access to the whole of the mortgage market and not be offering you a limited panel of lenders to choose from.

A broker will save you from doing all that leg work of walking up and down the High Street to spend an hour with each of the High Street lenders.

Be aware that the majority of High Street lenders do not offer an advice and recommendation service, but simply use pre-scripted questions to narrow down the selection of products that lender offers to a particular one.

Your independent broker should always be offering you advice and recommendation with regards to a product that is based on your own individual circumstances.  If you have any questions about the service that can be offered at Tucker Gardener financial please do not hesitate to contact us.

Andrew Fowler worked for Limetree Financial Services until December 2010. Feel free to contact another member of our team for help or advice.

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