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Our James appeared in the FT Adviser last week to discuss mortgage protection.

Mortgages are complex products, and they come with a big risk to people who find themselves unable to pay. One way to help with that risk has been to purchase protection plans.

However, the public has been unhappy with protection plans, recently. In part, this is because other sectors have come under a lot of scrutiny for mis-selling protection plans.

But, as James said:

“It’s true that confidence is low regarding protection. A minimum level of protection would be useful and a drive by insurers to dispel some myths regarding what they will pay out on would also improve confidence in protection products.”

As with any product, customers need to know as much as they can about what they are buying. This is doubly true for investments which come with risks.

If you’re not sure where you are with mortgage protection, drop us a line. We are not pressure-sales people, our advice is unbiased and we can help with all aspects of your mortgage.

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LV= has dramatically improved its critical illness cover, paying out twice the original sum for certain illnesses.

The double cover is the headline enhancement in a raft of changes to its policies. Overall, LV= is now offering:

  • 200% cover for specified conditions (for example loss of speech, paralysis of a limb, traumatic head injury) caused directly by an accident
  • 150% cover for customers under 45 diagnosed with certain neurological diseases
  • Cover now available for 11 more conditions, including nine new partial payment conditions
  • Definitions for motor neurone disease and terminal illness
  • Maximum age for cover increased from 60 to 65
  • Children covered for the same number of illnesses as adults

There is a cap of an additional £200,000 on the double payment feature. The new full payment conditions are cardiac arrest and pneumonectomy, while the partial payments are:

  • Accident hospitalisation
  • Arteriovenous malformation of the brain
  • Carcinoma in situ cervix
  • Carcinoma in situ urinary bladder
  • Minor stroke
  • Minor heart attack
  • Non-severe cardiomyopathy
  • Partial third degree burns
  • Testicular carcinoma

It is nice to hear positive news in relation to life insurance companies. LV=’s hybrid approach between traditional cover and severity-based payments throws down the gauntlet to other insurers.

Just remember that Limetree are whole of market insurance brokers. When it comes to finding the best critical illness cover for you we will research not just Liverpool Victoria, but the rest of the market too.

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As well as the blog posts on the Limetree website, we have written guides to help you understand key financial topics:

  • For a general introduction to mortgages, our Mortgage Guide explains the important things that you need to know. For example, what are the different types of rate and mortgage? What about mortgage fees? What insurance is a legal requirement when you get a mortgage?
  • The guide to insurance explains the different types of life insurance and building and contents insurance. It also helps you to understand investment plans for paying off interest-only mortgages.
  • To understand the criteria that buy-to-let lenders use to calculate how much you can borrow, you can download our buy-to-let guide.

We also have guides to help you understand the processes of moving home and applying for a mortgage:

  • The 6 Part Mortgage Process explains how Limetree guides you through applying for a mortgage, right up to completing your house move. And it doesn’t stop there – our review service makes sure that when a preferential rate deal comes to an end, you move onto the best deal next.
  • The guide to selling your home lays out the seven steps involved in selling your property if you use an estate agent.
  • Our Conveyancing Guide covers in detail the legal processes involved in buying or selling property.

And if those guides don’t cover what you want to know about mortgages, insurance or moving house – contact Limetree and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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As another year comes to a close, Limetree Financial Services wishes customers, readers and partners the happiest Christmas imaginable, and a terrific New Year.

We’ve arranged all sorts of mortgages and insurance cover for all sorts of people this year. As a small festive treat, we’ve handpicked some of the posts written throughout 2012 – showing the range of ways that Limetree can help, and offering experienced financial advice.

1. More Flexible Mortgages for the Military
Lenders are starting to understand the unique requirements of military homeowners.

2. Do Solar Panels Wreck Your Mortgage?
Panels are increasingly popular, but don’t get caught out if you want to remortgage in the near future.

3. Boost Credit History By Paying Rent
Prompt rent payments now count towards a healthy credit report – but with which credit agency?

4. Self-Employed Checks Make Accountant Essential
Why you should get an accountant involved early on if you’re self-employed and need a mortgage.

5. Get an Independent Home Insurance Quote
Limetree’s unique home insurance finder is powered by our experienced and impartial advisers who have the best and deals at their fingertips.

6. Double Whammy to Hit Interest-Only Borrowers
Thankfully for interest-only customers, interest rates have not gone up yet. But what will happen when they do?

7. Know the 3 Different Types of Variable Rate?
This post has taken on a deeper resonance given the scandal surrounding the LIBOR.

8. Bridging Finance Not Just for Mega-Rich
Find out how you can use bridging finance for investment purchases, cash flow, home improvements and business.

9. Don’t Put Off Arranging Life Insurance
Not a cheery message, but such an important one for you and your family. Are you covered this Christmas?

10. Woolwich Offers New Model for Guarantor Mortgages
Some much-needed innovation comes to the guarantor mortgage market to give first time buyers some hope.

We hope that there is something useful in the list. Limetree is completely independent, offering clear, comprehensive advice on mortgages and insurance. If there is anything you need to get sorted in the New Year, just give us a call.

Until then, from all of us at Limetree, best wishes and enjoy the Christmas break.

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Some people can’t get enough Brussels in their Christmas dinner while others can’t stand them. But I’m not talking about the sprouts. This December sees the new gender directive coming into force from the European Court of Justice in Belgium.

What does it mean? In life insurance it means that insurance firms’ actuaries can no longer discriminate between men and women when pricing or costing insurance.

The net result is that premiums for women and men will go up. Initial figures suggest that the increase could be as much as 20%.

In order to implement these forthcoming price changes the insurance providers have spent considerable time remodelling their pricing systems. This has been time consuming and expensive. The cost of remodelling will be paid for by new policy holders.

Don’t you just love Brussels?

If you have been putting off getting your business or personal life insurance sorted out, talk to us now before you start paying over the odds.

The deadline for current pricing is 21 December 2012 – by this date you need to have a contract signed. As medical checks can take weeks, sometimes months, get your application in this week for the best chance of securing life insurance before the prices rise. Whatever you have on your plate this Christmas, give yourself an early present of life insurance at lower prices.

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